Determining Whether Prescription Drug Coverage Is Creditable

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Employers that provide prescription drug coverage to individuals eligible for Medicare Part D must inform both the individuals and CMS whether that coverage is “creditable.” This Compliance Bulletin summarizes the different methods employers can use in determining whether their prescription drug coverage is creditable.

Did You Know? Exchange Model Notice Expiration Date Extended

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The DOL recently extended the expiration date on its model Exchange notices under the ACA through May 31, 2020. Despite the updated expiration date, the content of the model notices has not substantively changed. The expiration date is included largely as an administrative function for the DOL and does not impact the notices’ applicability or an employer’s ability to use them. The ACA requires employers to provide the exchange notice to all new hires at the time of hiring. There is no annual requirement to provide the notice to existing employees nor is there a fine or penalty for failing to provide the notice. This ACA Compliance Bulletin provides more information on this development.

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